Our Endowment

Endowment Fund

The Home Instead Senior Care Foundation of Canada is stepping forward to champion a movement that infuses hope and optimism into the aging process. This effort is built on the mission and values that have made the Home Instead Senior Care network the industry leader it is today.

The Foundation seeks to broaden the scope of its impact through implementation of results-driven programs and services that target the critical needs of seniors and those who care for them. The Home Instead Senior Care Foundation of Canada invites its partners, friends and those whose vision and values align with ours to invest in a world where all seniors age with greater hope and success.

The Home Instead Senior Care Foundation of Canada Endowment Fund was established in 2018, one year after the Foundation was registered as a charity with the Canada Revenue Agency. Through wise financial management, the intent of the Endowment Fund is to utilize the interest earned through endowed gift income to sustain the Foundation’s mission over time. Donors are encouraged to select the endowment impact area their gift will benefit. The impact areas include the following.

Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Dementias

Support specialized dementia education and training for families and medical professionals. Launch innovative programs that lead to better diagnosis and treatment. Create support services for the betterment of the Alzheimer’s or other dementia caregiver.

Health and Well-being

Implement programs that bring meaningful change to the health care system, making it more accessible for seniors. Provide charitable care for seniors in genuine need. Invest in wellness and prevention initiatives, nutrition and exercise programs.

Education and Research

Make lifelong learning a possibility for today’s medical professionals while investing in the future through scholarships for those studying geriatrics. Begin promising research initiatives that result in meaningful change for seniors’ health, well-being and quality of life.

Community Service

Encourage successful aging in cities and rural communities by strengthening local public services and systems that support aging adults. Ensure the most basic needs of seniors are being met through outreach initiatives and collaborative partnerships with the public and private sectors.

General Endowment

General endowment funds support critical areas of need based on the discretion of the board of directors.